Playbook 3.0 : Using Video Analytics & IoT to Detect, Monitor, Track & Act

Playbook 3.0 : Using Video Analytics & IoT to Detect, Monitor, Track & Act
by admin

Can Video Analytics be used to fight a battle against a pandemic ?

The answer is Yes. If we understand the limitations and advantages of the solution that is to be offered, there is a huge deal of benefit that can be gained. Preparing for a Pandemic is not going to be a one-time excercise going forward and will be the new normal of design.

We have to understand and accept that as life moves on, the ability of the pandemic to occur again is highly possible. Whether we would like to accept it or not, the future of humankind is also subject to bio-medical warfare, a kind of threat that we only heard in movies and thought would be a distant reality.

However today, it can be at your doorstep anytime. We have to learn from countries who have envisaged this and faced similar threats.

A case in point is South Korea. South Korea has been globally recognised as one of the leading countries in the world to have managed this pandemic effectively using Detect, Test, Track and Contain as their core strategy.

Today, a lot can be achieved with detect, track and contact tracing using video analytics and its technology & accuracy is getting stronger. This document brings together a joinmt effort by 3 companies focussed on helping customers use Video Analytics for Detect-Track-Trace & Manage.

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